Welcome to Munchkin Minders

Call Munchkin MindersTake some much needed time for yourself and let our ‘Minders’ entertain your Munchkins.  We proudly provide fun and creative care to fit the needs of our local families and families vacationing locally. Munchkin Minders is a fully bonded, licensed and insured company.  We have services in both San Diego, California and Western North Carolina now! 

Call on Munchkin Minders for all your childcare needs! We take a personal approach with each family’s needs. We strive to find nannies that have a deep love for all children. It is our commitment to enrich your child’s life with patience, guidance and creativity.

We offer nanny placements, on call babysitting, childcare for group events and more!

Why Us You Ask?

We have created a service for families who might not know where to start looking, or who don’t have time to go through all of the interviewing and reference checking and schedule coordinating required to find a nanny.  Our service allows you to call us and know that you are going to get a nanny that has all the qualifications, experience and devotion that you hope for without having to do all the hard and time-consuming work to find her.

We know what qualities a top notch nanny should have, and we know what questions to ask and what answers to look for.  We have high standards because it’s important for the kids to have someone who will enrich their lives rather than just stand guard over them. We hope that through Munchkin Minders we will have a positive impact on each family we touch.

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